Meet the Team

California Seismic is brought to you by a team who believes in the mission of promoting access to education and giving back to the civil engineering society. Our members represent the diversity and strength of civil engineering, and their work has enabled future engineers to study without barriers.


A group of determined students and recent graduates have worked remotely to craft the content for California Seismic. They share a common passion for structural engineering, and have sought tirelessly to learn seismic design principles to better teach others.

Camille Lerasan

Intern, Summer 2022

Camille works on the structural engineering team creating calculation software and updating our lectures series.

Currently obtaining her Bachelor's in Civil Engineering at Purdue University, Camille plans to obtain a Master's in Architecture after she completes her Bachelor's degree. Her enthusiasm for California Seismic comes from her desire to help other engineers and provide easily accessible knowledge.

In her free time, Camille can be found skateboarding, thrifting, and reading.

Jerry Wu

Intern, Summer 2022

Jerry is on the Front-End Engineer Team and is responsible for updating the website design and content.

Currently attending the University of Washington to achieve a Bachelor's Degree in Informatics, Jerry strives to improve user accessibility and experience through organization and collaboration with diverse stakeholders.

In his free time, Jerry enjoys hiking at national parks, watching movies on Disney+, and exploring new restaurants in the greater Seattle Area.

Andy Truong

Intern, Summer 2022

Andy helps bring updates to the website using html, css, and javascript. Specializing on the frontend, Andy seeks to bring the designs to life to create a seamless user experience.

Currently attending University of California, Davis to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Andy is aiming to become a well-versed software engineer. His eagerness to learn new technologies and programs has brought him to California Seismic as a frontend intern.

In his free time, Andy enjoys watching Netflix and going biking.

Myron Zhou

Intern, Summer 2022

Myron is helping improve the user experience of the website by making it easy and intuitive to use.

Myron is earning a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from UC Irvine. He strongly values making education more accessible for engineers, applying that interest to his work with California Seismic.

In his free time, Myron enjoys working out, playing video games, and watching movies.

Bishal Nayak, EIT

Intern, Summer 2021

Bishal developed a practice exam so you can test your knowledge after learning the course material. His desire to understand the deeper mechanics has also drove him to verify existing lecture examples and provide helpful suggestions to improve them.

Bishal recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from UC Berkeley, where he was also a design leader for the Steel Bridge Team. He currently works as an Assistant Engineer at PASE, one of the largest engineering firms in the Silicon Valley. His passion for learning leads his pursuit of structural engineering knowledge.

In his free time, Bishal enjoys playing board games, watching movies, and exploring different locations around Berkeley.

Rebecca Castro

Intern, Summer 2021

Rebecca created one of the practice exams that will make the real exam look easy. She takes full advantage of the complexity in ASCE 7 to make challenging questions that prove your understanding.

Rebecca earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from San Francisco State University, and currently works at Kleinfelder as an Entry Level Engineer. She excels at team collaboration and creating an enthused work environment that helps everyone get through their tasks.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys drinking coffee, having adventures in SF with her family, and bringing positivity to others.

Rembrandt Fernandez, EIT

Intern, Summer 2021

Rembrandt made a practice exam that will show you how to effectively get through all of the questions within the time limit. His advanced degree gives him a solid understanding of seismic principles that he uses to create finely articuled solutions.

Rembrandt earned both a Bachelor’s Degree and Master's Degree in Civil Engineering from New Mexico State University with an emphasis on structures. He has a knack for writing visually satisfying and easy to follow calculations that make it easy for learners. Rembrandt currently works as a structural designer for Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers.

In his free time, Rembrandt enjoys playing Overwatch, hiking, and showing off his cat Marshmallow.

Julia Lu

Intern, 2020-2021

Julia helped create the written lectures that help you study for the Seismic Exam. Her desire to fully understand the nuance of seismic hazards is readily seen in her writing. Always wanting to grow, she strives to step out of her comfort zone every chance she has, including taking the extra mile to take charge in her tasks and communicate with her teammates.

Julia earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from California State Polytechnic University Pomona and is attending Stanford University as a grad student. She is very familiar with how to quickly learn engineering concepts, and understands the stress that can accompany studying for a big test.

In her free time, Julia enjoys hiking, watching Nordic Noir, and learning new languages.

Ramneet K. Sidhu, EIT

Intern, 2020-2021

Ramneet helped create written lectures that help you study for the Seismic Exam. Her attention to details helps verifying the accuracy of content on the website. She excels in managing multiple tasks by maintaining clear communication with teammates.

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology in India and a Master’s Degree from University of California, Davis, Ramneet believes in the power of giving back to the community.She currently works for Cal Trans as an Assistant Structure Representative.

In her free time, Ramneet enjoys singing Sikh religious hymns, playing the harmonium, and reading fiction novels.

Brandon Xu

Intern, 2020-2021

Brandon worked on the written lectures that help you study for the Seismic Exam. While maintaining the team’s morale, he also produces quality writing.

Brandon earned a Bachelor’s Degree and Master's degree in Civil Engineering with Structural Emphasis from University of California, Davis. Brandon currently works at Strandberg Engineering as a structural designer.

In his free time, Brandon enjoys traveling to scenic locations, and cooking various cuisines.

Mayur Patil

Intern, Summer 2020

Mayur helped create the sample exam questions and illustrative figures that help you tackle the Seismic Exam.

Mayur graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the North Maharashtra University in India and a Master’s Degree from the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. With his wide variety of experiences, Mayur has found a great interest in seismic design and is working to start his professional career in California. From joining California Seismic, his goal is to master seismic design and share his knowledge with fellow engineers.

In his free time, Mayur enjoys playing sports and exploring new places.

Jose Hernandez, EIT

Intern, Summer 2020

Jose helped create the sample exam questions and licensing guides that help you tackle the Seismic Exam. He takes pride in working hard in every job he is responsible for.

Jose earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with a Structural Emphasis from California State University Fresno. After learning about California Seismic, he decided to join because of our mission of helping engineers learn and get through the Seismic Exam for free. Jose currently works as an engineer for Montez Group.

In his free time, Jose unwinds by playing soccer and reading works by his favorite writer Juan Rulfo.

Kaier Lao

Intern, Summer 2020

Kaier helped create the sample exam questions and guides that help you tackle the Seismic Exam.

Currently attending University of California, Irvine as a Structural Engineering undergrad, Kaier is on his way to becoming a well-versed structural engineer like his father. Kaier enjoys staying busy during his summer off from school, working for a private structural firm part time and creating resources for California Seismic. From joining California Seismic, his goal is to gain knowledge on seismic design principles and work on a project that will benefit the Civil Engineering community.

In his free time, Kaier enjoys playing video games and watching movies.

Sophie Huang

Intern, Summer/Fall 2020

Sophie provided updates to the website using html, css, and javascript. Able to work efficiently independently with minimal supervision, her creativity gives life to the website that reflects the team’s hard work and the people behind it.

Currently attending University of California, Los Angeles to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Sophie strives to become a well-versed engineer like her brother who is also a Structural Engineer. In the meantime, she doesn’t shy away from learning new things and skills like coding and web development.

In her free time, Sophie enjoys reading and creating Spotify playlists.


As a personal passion project that grew into a comprehensive collaborative resource, California Seismic owes its success to the dedication of its leadership.

Ann Do

Project Manager

Ann manages California Seismic's operations, communications, and deadlines. With a background in Fine Arts, the training she received from studying and appreciating arts have allowed her to adopt an open mind and an outside-the-box thinking style. Her ability to see different values and perspectives has extended to her creative project management style.

Ann earned her Bachelor of Arts at UC Berkeley writing a thesis on the impacts of loneliness in modern society. She currently uses her management skills as a tenant coordinator for Madison Marquette. She has a passion for leading others by growing their personal confidence.

Ann likes to unwind by knitting sweaters for her friends and family.

Practicing Engineers

The content on California Seismic is curated by young professionals with advanced education and experience with the seismic design of structures.

Seij De Leon

Founder, PE

Seij provides overall direction for California Seismic and is responsible for managing the content and website. He leads the effort in creating quality resources that will benefit all future Professional Civil Engineers.

Seij began his path in structural engineering with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at UC Berkeley. After graduating he worked in the private industry designing buildings at engineering and architectural firms. While developing his structural engineering skills he grew the idea of using his knowledge to empower others, leading to the development of California Seismic. He currently works as a facilities structural engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

On weekends, Seij enjoys exploring the Bay Area’s scenic roads on his sport bikes.

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Practicing Engineer

California Seismic is looking for additional practicing engineers who share our values. If you want to contribute to the civil engineering society by creating written content, videos, or crafting practice problems, we’d love to hear from you at or Seij's LinkedIn.